henry and his mom


okay, say it with me now

  • red velvet is not to be held accountable for f(x)’s promotions being cancelled
  • red velvet has no say in what f(x) does or what sm does with f(x)
  • red velvet is not responsible for anything that happened with f(x)
  • red velvet did not choose the date of their debut, nor did they choose the “scandals” that happened during such time
  • red velvet should not be given this much hate for something they didn’t do

introducing: red velvet

[Fanart] Facing Facts and Feelings - amber henber henry fanart kris krisber henberris - Henry, Amber and Kris - Asianfanfics


FACING FACTS AND FEELINGS (Henber - Krisber) manga - Update chap 2_ END ^^

countdown to tiffany’s birthday:

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summer lover, summer lover.

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