"Honestly, I don’t know what kind of person she is. I wasn’t able to be with her for eight years so I don’t know how her personality is like, what kind of food she likes, even the kind of color she likes. So I am apologetic. Because I couldn’t help her.”

Henry Lau bts ‘Final Recipe


credit @ lanro

henry’s vitamins…/poor henry

henry the byuntae


watch sm attempt 2 divert the attention away like “i kno theyre still promoting but red velvet and super junior comeback!! also henry gets a comeback! boa too! nobody remembers them but trax is having a comeback too!! jonghyun solo, key solo, onew solo, fuck it u know what minho gets a solo too!! hha…… isnt this great…………. dont leave us………”

henber au group challenge

a group challenge to fill as many AU prompts for henber as possible :DD

no deadline or min wordcount, so come join~~

Heechul’s advice to Taeyeon

kim hyuna, #1 fan of mamamoo’s mr. ambiguous 

i choose you; henry/amber

because henber and weddings

If someone will ask him about why he loves attending weddings, Henry’s honest answer will be because of the food. His not so honest answer, will be because he “wants to witness a beautiful couple starting the rest of their lives together” (Sungmin hyung will kill him if he answers the first one).

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