Tennis!Henry on Cool Kiz on Block just brings back all the feels (Ok, I’m lying, when am I NOT drown in feels? ==”)

After 3 years, we FINALLY collect enough proves of Amber’s description of her ideal type. Not that we only figure it out now, but its still cool to have exact…

this is reality (listen to my voice) | amber/f(x) centric

title: this is reality (listen to my voice)

pairings: amber / f(x) - centric, henry/amber, slight kai/krystal

genre: angst, action, friendship, romance

rating: m

warnings: graphic violence

wordcount: 9.6k

summary: red light au. Amber’s first big mission with Red: invade Hideout. But she’s going to need more than just what her training taught her.


second part of red light au!!

sexy dorkies

i still hate you

lol no you don’t

five lies henry told amber; henry/amber

Throughout their friendship, Henry realized that he only lied to Amber for a total of five times.

The first time was when he was fourteen and he was the new kid in town.They just moved in to the neighborhood the day before and obviously didn’t know shit about the place. So after finishing school, he had to walk home because his mom was too busy moving in and his dad have work. Normally, that would be okay. He’s already fourteen after all. He could take care of himself. Except he doesn’t know the way home and was pacing back and forth in front of the school for a good five minutes, trying to remember the way home. That’s when a short-haired boy-looking girl adorned in an oversized hoodie approached him and asked if he was lost.

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old dorm buddies Taemin & Henry~


Donghae - M A M A C I T A