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Happy Birthday to f(x)’s finest Amber Josephine Liu 


I know that I spend most of my days cursing at Amber and saying that I want her to disappear but the truth is that I very proud to be a fan from her. I think she is one of the best idols out there because she is truly good and kind. I don’t care if there are many idols who can sing or dance or rap or play something better than her, she is kind and good and that’s the best thing a person can be.

I’m glad she became part of my life. Happy Birthday, Ber. ♡

{920918} Happy Birthday to our llama, Amber Josephine Liu!

amber no.

September 17, 1996; happy birthday choi youngjae! for the past 8 months you’ve brought me a lot happiness with your perfect laugh and cute personality. thank you for letting us baby bird’s hear your soothing singing and thank you for showing us how charming you are. please never lose your smile and keep doing what you love for as long as possible! my precious baby boy, you deserve all the love in the world ♥


Pat yourself on the back for having great taste. It may have been fate, an errant drama episode, a song, a funny or ridiculous challenge they did on television with smiles on their faces, a random Youtube link, or an evangelist/enabler friend tripping on her feet telling you about this “boyband who’ll change your life”—at the end of the day, you chose them. You. You saw them for who they really are, and for that, you’re automatically a member this secret club (albeit with millions of members) who’s in possession of a certain nugget of truth: Arashi is a rainbow that has no end. What we give to them, they give it back to us, twice over.

They have, and continue to work hard because fifteen years later, they still can’t believe the dumb luck, the miracle, as the five of them say, of the five of them coming together and clicking. Maybe it’s too much to call them soul mates, but in your heart, you know it’s destiny. Think about it really hard for one moment. In all the possible permutations that could be formed from the pubescent lottery that was Johnny’s Jr. at that time, Arashi ended up being the five of them. Five different personalities with different talents and motivations. It couldn’t have been any other five.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the scale of everything they have given us, everything they have worked hard for: all the concerts, the TV shows, the songs. Don’t worry, that’s the right reaction. Be overwhelmed. Every time Jun fussed over a stage plan or a set list, every scene where Nino poured his heart out and melted into nothing but raw emotion, every moment of anxiety powered through and every hard-earned laughter that Aiba has worked for, every stanza of rap and line of news report that Sho had to write and deliver, every flick of the wrist and vocal acrobatic that Ohno has done—all of that dedication and love was for the ideal that is Arashi. And for you, No. 6.

Their rhyme and reason has always been each other—and you. Us. Go ahead, feel thankful, feel proud. This is as much as you as the five of them. It’s a two-way street.

Yes, the world will always change. Arashi won’t always be number one. But to you, in a special corner safely tucked away in your heart, Arashi will always be important. (You don’t even have to ask or worry about them: for the five of them, Arashi has always been number one. They will always love Arashi more than you do.) It doesn’t matter what kind of fan you are: fandom may be your daily bread and butter, or fandom may only be for now—maybe you have been away, or have been growing out of it, have moved on to other groups. Maybe, for you, being a fan is equal to faint remembrance of falling in love with them for a moment in time. No matter what kind of fan you are, something will always be true: at one point in your life, they meant something to you. Arashi has been, and is, part of you.


i don’t want you to leave, will you hold my hand?